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        Kirk in the News: "Taking the Bull by the horns: Local investor quintuples portfolio" Online Version at

        I've attached a nice article my local paper did about me for the front page of the Business & Real Estate Section. There are a few errors, such as:

        * You can't live in Los Altos, CA on $100,000 in savings (that is what I started the newsletter explore portfolio with!)
        (Los Altos MLS )

        * I Bonds WERE a good investment when we bought them for the newsletter portfolio about 2 years ago when we could lock in 5.73% for six months. I have better investments now. The point I wanted to make is great companies like Fidelity and Vanguard usually won't recommend their customers take money out of their money market or bond fund to buy I Bonds or US Treasuries directly from the Government but I can and do in my newsletter when appropriate.

        * I do miss days on the water... I try to only go windsurfing on "quality wind days." When the wind looks marginal, I go bike riding or do gardening, so I don't windsurf as often as I could. Also, if I get 5 good days in a row windsurfing, then I take a rest because my body starts to get worn down without days off now and then.

        * For being the next Charles Schwab, I'd like to help small investors learn to save money on management fees much like Schwab helped small investors purchase stocks by lowering commissions. I want to teach small investors how to use index funds with my core and explore approach. They can learn to avoid high annual fees to both mutual fund companies as well as "wrap managers' who charge a percentage of a portfolio to usually under perform the core portfolios of index funds I recommend in my newsletter.

        * Finally, I have and do recommend things besides technology stocks, such as GNMAs, I Bonds, TIPs, FedEx, GGR and Citibank.

        But, overall it is a flattering article. Let me know if you have any problems opening the PDF document.


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